The Original Source of All Life


Algae is the first and most basic form of life. It converts energy from the sun to nutrients, just like plants. Centuries ago, algae evolved to photosynthesize, creating the oxygen we breathe today. The different types of algae became food for various animal species due to its high-nutritional value. It has been found to be consumed all over the world in places such as Africa, Asia and the Americas. Our current choice of algae is spirulina, a spiral-shaped microalgae that grows in freshwater with very little resources.

Spirulina doubles daily, requiring only water, light and salt to grow.

One of our tanks can produce the same amount of protein as a cow while absorbing 20 times the amount of CO2 as a tree.

Spirulina Benefits


2.5 times

more protein than beef.


10 times

more iron than spinach.







Where It’s Found

Almost 800 years ago, it was consumed by the Aztecs during times of famine. Over the past few decades, it has been farmed by the Kanembu tribe of Chad in central Africa. Their consumption of spirulina led them to be one of few communities in their region with minimal nutritional deficiencies.

NASA even investigated spirulina as a food source for their astronauts in space.

Why It Matters

Spira uses spirulina due to its low impact on earth and high nutritional value. We use it to create better food.

We make food products out of spirulina and other microalgae.

Currently only a few types are used as nutritional products out of millions. We make a live culture beverage and a protein powder to get started on your spirulina journey.