Spira grows the most sustainable and efficient food source on the planet: spirulina.

Our Story

Our company began in a garage laboratory in Richmond, Virginia at the beginning of 2016. Our founder, Elliot, was experiencing the harm of malnutrition and food insecurity when he stumbled upon NASA’s research on a highly-efficient and sustainable food: spirulina. He thought, “If astronauts deserve this high-quality food in space, why don’t we?”

From then, we’ve taken on the challenge to bring people, as the United Nations World Food Conference called it, the “best food of the future”.


In April 2016, Spira was selected for the world’s first synthetic biology accelerator, RebelBio. The program provided scientific expertise and access to resources in the biotechnology field that helped jumpstart the company.

In August 2016, Spira received a grant from Lighthouse Labs in Richmond, Virginia. The acceptance to their renowned accelerator program provided fast-paced business development and mentorship. They also provided guidance through partners that specialize in design, product development, marketing, talent building, fundraising, and lean startup practices.

In April 2017, Spira was selected for the World Food Programme bootcamp to build a social impact model to help people grow nutrition in the developing world. Their Innovation Accelerator gave our company a better scope of design-thinking and other invaluable resources to better provide for people around the world.

Our Press

Want to own your nutrition? Let’s get you growing.

Our Team

Elliot Roth

Peter Lee
Executive Project Manager

Zaid Shaikh
Mechanical Engineer

Surjan Singh
Systems Engineer

Quark Wei
Software Developer

Alena Nolder
Graphic Design

Logan Deyo
Project Manager

Idil Yonis
Research Scientist

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