Spira at MAVA TechBUZZ

Spira Selected to Present at MAVA’s TechBUZZ Spring 2018 Elliot Roth, Founder of Spira, will take the stage in Washington, DC on February 28th WASHINGTON, DC, February 28th, 2018 — Spira has been selected among a highly competitive pool of tech and tech-enabled startups to present at Mid-Atlantic Venture Association’s (MAVA) TechBUZZ Spring 2018. Spira is […]

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How I got the idea for Spira

Normally I tell people the condensed version. Here’s the real story. I remember the exact moment when I couldn’t take it anymore. I had just gotten home to my cramped apartment after a day of writing in a coffee shop down the block. I could smell the stench before I opened the door. Post-grad I […]


Spirulina Brownies for Finals

Hello Everyone, I hope that your week has been good, it has been getting hectic for me as school has been starting up after winter break. Since this may be an issue for others, I thought I would keep it simple and see what happens when we make something lazy. So this week we’re making […]

The Wondrous Potato

Hello Everyone, Today it time to tackle one of the most versatile foods in existence, the potato. Used in many dishes, you can eat it as chips, fries, baked, and technically as alcohol. It is also famous for helping the Irish survive a terrible famine, and has become an iconic food staple there (fun fact: […]

Retail is Dying

Why it is only a matter of time before the funeral In 1994, Amazon started as a way to sell books online. Twenty-three years later, Amazon is eating retail. This might be an unpopular opinion (especially during the holiday season) when everyone is rushing to the stores to buy presents but I urge you to take […]

2016: A Wild Spira-tual Journey

Spira is a company that grows spirulina microalgae and uses it to create a variety of delicious products. This past year has been absolutely incredible for our team. We’ve traveled the world, made steadfast friendships and had tons of fun while tackling the incredibly important problem of malnutrition. Spira started as an idea in February […]

Into the Wild Green Yonder: Making Pancakes

Hello Everyone, Welcome to the future, a future filled with algae. And no, I’m not kidding, there is algae that not only exists, but is good for us. It’s called spirulina. Hi, I’m Surjan (sounds like surgeon) but most people call me Surge, and currently I am a mechanical engineering student working with this quaint […]

Off-the-grid Food

There’s a habit I have of walking over to the fridge, opening the door, and seeing that I have nothing to eat. It’s something that everyone does. Inevitably, it leads to a trip to the grocery store to stock your shelves with enough to last for another few weeks. The constant cycle of shopping, cooking, […]