Spira uses spirulina to combat malnutrition and food insecurity.

Our Story

At the start of 2016, our company began in a garage laboratory in Richmond, Virginia. Elliot Roth was low on energy and had little motivation to do his work. He couldn’t think effectively and sometimes replaced dinner with sleep. These effects were only a fraction of what malnutrition and food insecurity can do; imagine malnourishment on a much larger scale.

When Elliot woke up from his malnourished slumber, he knew he had to find a solution. He researched ways to grow his own food, along with finding more wholesome foods. After months of researching nutrition and the best foods, he found an interesting article.

The article was on NASA’s algae research. He saw that they had been researching this extremely nutritious and easy-to-grow food called spirulina for their people in space. He thought, “If astronauts deserve this high-quality food, why don’t I try growing and eating this myself?” He researched everything available on spirulina for a few additional weeks until he found a supplier. He began to grow his food and saw how fast spirulina could grow in the proper setting. He began consuming spirulina as a fresh ingredient and realized it was virtually tasteless while it provided him with a significant portion of his dietary needs. He regained his energy and saw how it allowed him to think and move effectively. He saw the potential in spirulina and ran with the idea of making this wholesome food accessible to everyone.

From then, we’ve taken on the challenge to bring people all around the world, as the UN World Food Conference put it, the “best food for future”.


In April 2016, Spira was selected for the world’s first synthetic biology accelerator, RebelBio. The program provided scientific expertise and access to resources in the biotechnology field for a jumpstart .

In August 2016, Spira received a grant from Lighthouse Labs in Richmond, Virginia. The acceptance to their renowned accelerator program provided fast-paced business development and mentorship. They also provided guidance through partners that specialize in design, product development, marketing, talent building, fundraising, and lean startup practices.

In April 2017, Spira was selected for the World Food Programme bootcamp to build a social impact model to help people grow nutrition in the developing world. Their Innovation Accelerator gave our company a better scope of design-thinking and other invaluable resources to better provide for people around the world.

In July 2017, Spira was selected for the Halcyon Incubator in Washington, D.C. This program focuses on empowering social-conscious companies by providing funding and other vital resources to enable a thriving team.

We’re more than excited to continue our journey to provide better food.


Want to own your nutrition? Let’s get you growing.

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Elliot Roth
Co-founder, CEO

Peter Lee
Co-founder, CCO

Surjan Singh
Systems Engineer

Jonathan Kolodner
Industrial Designer

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