Hello Everyone,

I hope that your week has been good, it has been getting hectic for me as school has been starting up after winter break. Since this may be an issue for others, I thought I would keep it simple and see what happens when we make something lazy. So this week we’re making brownies, specifically brownie mix and spirulina.

This won’t be too difficult and you can use your favorite mix. The one I used calls for ⅔ cups of oil, ¼ cups of water, and 2 eggs. The first step is to preheat your oven to the correct temperature for your choice of brownies. Next, empty out the contents of the box into a bowl along with a couple of spoonfuls of spirulina powder.

The Recipe

I would normally recommend that you mix together the dry ingredients and the spirulina powder, but when making this, I forgot to do that. Whoops. Now add the oil, the water, eggs, and anything else that your box tells you to add.

Mix everything together until smooth. Now you can add any sorts of extras: walnuts, chocolate chips, etc. I decided to keep it plain, because brownies are delicious no matter what.

Next, get out a pan, and use whatever you would like to make sure that the brownies will not stick to the pan (butter works). Pour the mixture into the pan.

Make sure that your oven is preheated to the proper temperature, and then put the pan into the oven for however amount of time is specified on your box.

Once the center is cooked through, the brownies are done. Trust me, it tasted awesome. The great part about this recipe was that the prep time was very minimal and I could work on some homework while the brownies were baking.

Giving it a taste, it’s definitely as 5 out of 5 because it tasted exactly like brownies.. Next time I try this I might add more spirulina to see how much I can add to the mix before the brownie taste is minimized.

This was great, but I think I’ve had too much sugar lately, It might be time to switch over to something salty. I’ll see what I can think up. Until then, enjoy a moment of laziness because we all need one every now and then.

See Ya Later!