Hello Everyone,

Although I would probably still eat ice cream during the winter (I mean life is too short to never live a little on the edge), it has been a bit warmer than expected for the past few days. The obvious response to not being able to have a snowball fight was of course to make ice cream, and make it even better with spirulina in it. Much like last week, ice cream is actually really simple. It only has two ingredients: flavoring and cream. Additionally you’re going to want to get ice, salt, and two different sizes of sealable plastic bags. Below is a picture of what I used: heavy whipping cream, salt, honey, and cinnamon (sorry forgot to have that in the picture). The special ingredient being spirulina of course.

It may seem complicated to make ice cream, but it actually is not that difficult. The first step is to pour out the honey, salt and cinnamon into bowl. This will be our flavor: Salted Honey Cinnamon. Make sure it’s mixed well together!

Next, I added the heavy cream (although looking back I should have used half and half instead). Once it was mixed together I gave it a taste, to make sure i was happy with the flavor.

Now was the moment of truth: it was time to add the spirulina. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as green as I thought it would have been. I guess I should have added more.

Now for the fun part: time to shake your way to some amazing ice cream. I poured the mixture into the smaller of the two sealable plastic bags. Then I prepared a bigger bag by filling most of it with ice and a fair helping of salt. Be sure the smaller bag is sealed.

I placed the sealed mixture bag within the ice bag and closed it. Fun fact for those of you that didn’t know: to make ice cream you need to get cold, way colder than the normal freezing point of ice is. By adding salt to the ice, the overall freezing point is lowered, and the mixture becomes much colder that just using ice by itself. Now with the science lesson is out of the way, it was time to shake the sealed bag to evenly cool down the mixture. Also a good tip: don’t do what I did. You should wear a pair of gloves because the bag will get cold. My fingers actually went numb more than a few times.

I also made a pretty big mistake: using heavy cream. Of what the ingredients available in a grocery store, heavy cream has the highest amount of fat (about 30% compared to about 3% in whole milk). Fat acts as an insulator and resists freezing quite well. My options were to either keep shaking and hope it would work, or lower the temperature even lower. If you replaced the heavy cream with half and half, or even just milk, this shaking method should work for you. I just decided to compromise and put the entire ice bag into my freezer and hoped it would solidify. Luckily it did, but it took about a day and a half.

Although there were some tiny screw ups, in the end it looked like ice cream and tasted delicious.

Making ice cream is always a fun experience and the end result is always rewarding. After tasting it, I can say it was really, really sweet (just like honey). That may just be me because I am personally not fond of foods with high sugar content. In terms of ice cream I would give it a 5 out of 5 because the sweetness has only stopped me from eating a lot of it in one sitting, making me savor it for longer.

I am not sure what is in store for next week yet, but I’ll leave you with the skills and science to make your own flavors of ice cream. I am sure that it’s a skill that will come in handy for the next zombie apocalypse.

See Ya Later!