Hello Everyone,

Today it time to tackle one of the most versatile foods in existence, the potato. Used in many dishes, you can eat it as chips, fries, baked, and technically as alcohol. It is also famous for helping the Irish survive a terrible famine, and has become an iconic food staple there (fun fact: the potato is actually native to South America). And what would be the best way to cook it? Well, sometimes it’s fun to keep it simple, and just mash ‘em.

Mashed potatoes are a simple dish, consisting mainly of potatoes, butter, milk, and seasoning.

The first step is to definitely take the potatoes and wash them. Then peel them, be careful not to cut yourself.

I then cut the potatoes into cubes, because that will allow them to cook faster, and then gave them another quick rinse.

I brought a pot of water to boil, and added some salt. Once it was boiling, I added in the potatoes cubes.

I then waited until the potatoes were cooked through and tender enough to fall apart if I poked a piece with a fork. Then I drained the water and started mashing. I also added in butter, seasoning, and spirulina powder.

Once it looked mixed together well, I slowly added in milk until I got a texture and consistency that seemed smooth and fluffy.

And just like that, delicious green mashed potatoes.

It definitely looked weird, but I’m adventurous and gave it a taste. I was surprised. For the first time I actually tasted something that seemed like spirulina. It wasn’t unpleasant, just not expected, and I suspect it was because I added the dry ingredients before the milk so some of what I ate contained un-hydrated spirulina powder. Overall, though this was simple to make, and tasted pretty good, I’d give it a 4 out of 5 because the spirulina taste did slow me down a little when eating these. I guess not everything can be perfect when cooking with this powder, but that’s why it important to try every possibility and because it seems to be warmer than usual where I live, I guess I’ll give ice cream making a try.

Until next time remember to stay chill; I’ll make the ice cream taste even better.

See Ya Later!