Hello Everyone,

It’s now 2017 and it time to reflect and rejoice on the gift given to us by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the gift of pasta. And what better way for me to start the new year by learning something new, because I’m going to be honest; I have never made pasta noodles before. Consulting the interweb it seems that ingredient wise, it’s fairly simple: flour, eggs, and a tiny bit of salt. I found the recipe here. However, making pasta is definitely a skill that needs to be honed to perfection.

After, mixing the ingredients together, and adding a couple of spoonfuls of spirulina powder (and getting my hands a bit messy) we end up with the glorious green dough ball below.

From here my inexperience with pasta making is made clear, because the dough was very difficult to work with considering how much it wanted to stick to everything. I’m not sure if this is simply how pasta dough is, or if it is because of the added spirulina. I was able to make it work, but it just required a lot more flour than I thought.

After struggling with the dough for a bit, finally I was able to get it cut out into strips.

Next is the cool part, submerging in boiling water to cook the noodles because it looks kinda like floating seaweed.

A couple of minutes later the pasta was cooked and drained.

I took a bite of one of the noodles and it tasted like pasta and seemed to been cooked correctly. Now it was time for part two, making the sauce. Which I got from here. But I did make some changes: first of all I didn’t use any artichokes, but I did add onions and mushrooms. I also used a few more spices than what the link above called for.

And then came the liquid ingredients, which I’m certain I used too much of.

In the end it didn’t taste bad. There definitely could have been improvements for the final product, but I gotta say though the best part about eating the pasta was the spirulina noodles. Those may have been a struggle to make, but they were by far the most fun to eat.

I’d say 4 out of 5 on the noodles, but only because it was a huge effort to make them (although that is most likely due to my inexperience). And for the dish overall, a 3 out of 5. I could have done a better job on the sauce portion.

Until next time stay mean, stay green, and face every challenge with the strength of the Hulk.

See Ya Later!