Spira is a company that grows spirulina microalgae and uses it to create a variety of delicious products.

This past year has been absolutely incredible for our team. We’ve traveled the world, made steadfast friendships and had tons of fun while tackling the incredibly important problem of malnutrition.

Spira started as an idea in February to provide the maximum amount of nutrition in the smallest space by growing spirulina at Indie Lab, a small independent science lab based in Richmond, Virginia.

Our first trial at the beginning of the year

In May we had the good fortune of being selected for RebelBio, the very first biotech accelerator program in the world. We spent 3 months in Ireland developing the technology behind Spira. It was incredible to be surrounded with brilliant minds from all over the world working on cutting-edge technology.

Spira’s founder, Elliot Roth and Food Scientist Rory O’Connor showcasing our beverage

While we were in Ireland, we developed a spirulina beverage, one of the first of it’s kind. We’ve been testing and iterating since this summer and are excited for what’s to come in 2017.

A hint at what’s next 😉

After Ireland, we returned to Richmond in August to participate in the Lighthouse Labs accelerator. Lighthouse enabled us to hone our business model and strategy. We also built a phenomenal mentor network that has been essential to helping us grow.

Part of the Lighthouse 2016 cohort

None of this would have been possible if not for the merry band of superheroes that have banded together to bring Spira to where it is today.

Part of the Spira squad at TechJam in July

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Thanks so much and we look forward to see what we can accomplish in 2017!