Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the future, a future filled with algae. And no, I’m not kidding, there is algae that not only exists, but is good for us. It’s called spirulina.

Hi, I’m Surjan (sounds like surgeon) but most people call me Surge, and currently I am a mechanical engineering student working with this quaint little startup named Spira that’s trying to tackle hunger and malnutrition. Want to guess why it’s called that? Well, it’s because we believe that spirulina is the solution to those problems of course! And we’re not the only ones that believe this, there is a whole industry built around spirulina supplements. Spirulina contains most of the things that the human body needs: iron, calcium, beta carotene, riboflavin, and all of the essential amino acids. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? However, like most great things in life, there is unfortunately a catch.

Currently spirulina is dried into powders and packed into pills. Due to the drying process this leaves the spirulina with a very bitter and unappetizing taste. Which, after droning on for a while, finally brings us back full circle to the reason I’m typing any of this up. While Spira works to fix that pesky taste issue, I would like to focus on working around the problem by just cooking with the stuff. I have just bought myself some spirulina powder and plan to simply incorporate it into cooking the type food I normally eat and document the experience. I would like to state that although spirulina is currently used as a supplement and is vegan, that will not necessarily be my focus. I’m going to simply incorporate spirulina into my cooking, I’ve even decided the first thing I’m going to make: PANCAKES!

Green Eggs and Ham?

To continue answering my own rhetorical questions: nope, no green eggs and ham. However that doesn’t mean that we’ve let Dr. Seuss off the hook, because instead we have Grinch Green spirulina and corn pancakes.

Now I don’t plan to really cover recipes in exact detail, because truthfully I rarely look at proportions when I’m cooking so it hard to really say exactly how I did it, however for some stuff, like these pancakes, there is a recipe that I learned from when I first made them, before I started messing with it, that I will link here. But to start off I gathered the ingredients:

And the separately mixed the dry and wet ingredients

The most important step, adding the spirulina to the dry mix, I decided on about 1½ spoonfuls.

Then the wet and dry ingredients were then mixed together. (green isn’t it?)

And once that is done it was time to oil up the pan cook up a stack.

So now we have a stack of beautiful green pancakes, what should be do next? Bring on the syrup, or honey if you prefer, and let’s eat. And to be truthful, I couldn’t actually taste any of the spirulina in the pancakes. They tasted fairly normal for pancakes (maybe a little bit more sugar), but definitely delicious. I’ll give it 5.5 out of 5 because if you like pancakes and are trying to add a little bit of extra nutrition while you’re eating them this is definitely a go (0.5 extra points for the natural green color).

On the next episode of Spiral Emeralds Y, I’m thinking pasta.

See Ya Later!